Time Travel

28 Mar 2012

Sometimes I forgot the reason why I built this blog (sigh!). Oh are you confused what I'm talking about? Hehe. Sorry. I'm just on my drama-queen mood. Beside keep updating any news about Libera, you know guys, my main purpose made a blog is to introduce Libera as the whole team from past to present. So, you can learn to love them whole-heartedly as Libera. 

Therefore this time I want to invite you all for getting a time travel tour with me. Aha, don’t laugh at me. I’m serious. I know it sounds silly. But, follow my lead, please. (:

Yep, now let me bring back some memories from the past. While I was surfing Youtube randomly, I re-found some videos from ‘old’ Libera generation. Perhaps you have seen them, or not. I myself have watched it several times and never get bored. 

Day by day, we can see that Libera has never changed eventhough boys come and go. They are still the same: super adorable, cute, and sweet. Typical Libera boys. Oh, do not forget one important thing, they always have the same angelic voices. That’s the main point.
Year 2003

Favorite scene:
Boys and one of iconic landmarks in London: Tower Bridge
Year 2005

Funniest boy: 
My choice falls on Michael Horncastle. He was rather 'hyperactive' in all Libera videos. You'll know why I chose him if you watch all videos featuring him. LOL.
Year 2008

Quote of all time: 
"Although we're all individuals, when we sing together, we make the sound that is Libera." - Joshua Madine
Year 2009

 Cute moment:
I think it was so cute. While Mr.Philipp was talking, not-so-mini Ben smiled widely behind him. 
Oh how I miss those time. Well, I first found them in the golden moment of Michael H, Tom Cully, and the others. So, please, do understand me. Hehe. But, hey, I love the present of Libera as much as the past. Libera always have 'new' talents generation by generation which can enchanted us with their magical charm (read: beautful music). There is nothing to worry about. Libera is still Libera. No matter what. Right, right? :) I hope you enjoy this 'travel'. KEEP CALM AND ENJOY LIBERA'S MUSIC! Cheers.

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