Libera on Songs of Praise - Palm Sunday

30 Mar 2012

Libera will be appearing on Songs of Praise for Palm Sunday edition. The program will be aired on BBC one, April 1st 2012 at 16:45. We will get the preview on Sunday. Hopefully it's a new video, and someone in UK will record and put it on Youtube. Keep crossing your fingers.Thanks to Jimmy Riddle for sharing this news.

"Sally Magnusson presents traditional hymns from All Saints Church, Pittville, Cheltenham, with performances by Only Men Aloud, Mary-Jess and LIBERA. The story of Jesus' last week is told with Bible readings by Julian Rhind-Tutt." - BBC One 

UPDATES (26 March 2012)

The picture from preview

It seems this will be new for us. Possibly it's a video of 'How Shall I Sing' which mentioned by Barney in the interview with Classic FM, watch here. From the picture we can see (left to right) Liam, Carlos (?), Tiarnan, Eoghan, Stefan, JB, Barney, Josh, Matthew RA, Luke (behind Matthew), Kuba, and Alex. I'm pretty sure the boys in the video will be the same as in Still, Still, Still video. Because if our prediction was true, the both video has filmed in the same place at the same time, so the boys got involved will be the same too. Thank you to Patrick for sharing. Now I look forward to see this video. :) 

Update (30 March 2012)
Yep, it's How Shall I Sing that Majesty. BBC announced it on their website. You can read the complete details here. Hopefully it's not only 2 minutes clip like they did to Still, Still, Still video. We want to see the full version, pleaseee! :)
Credits to Patrick

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