Loose Moose Blog

5 Mar 2012

Hello, guys! Maybe you noticed that I've never posted any blogpost about Loose Moose Show here. It doesn't mean that I don't care at all to their work. No, NOT AT ALL. Mark that! I genuinely support them with all of my heart. But, I just don't want to mix up Libera and Loose Moose. Yeah, Because from the first time I dedicated this blog only for LIBERA. It's so confusing. Giving dilemma in my head. LOL.

Therefore, lads and lasses: I proudly present to you all  a NEW blog. Yep, I created a special blog dedicated to The Loose Moose Show. Actually it was already alive in webworld since last month, but I didn't  have a gut to tell you guys here. I'm a shy person. Hihi. So, if you do care, please visit it anytime, follow (only if you want), and leave some comments or anything there. I hope I can keep updating that blog well. Okay, let us always support our comedy quintet and their amoosing work. 

Here's the link of the new blog --> LOOSE MOOSE


  1. Cool! You made another blog? Thanks, Yuni :D

  2. Hi CJ.

    Yes, I made another blog special for Loose Moose. Thank you for spreading the word in your blog. It helps me so much. :)