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1 Mar 2012

I just  found this video on Youtube. It posted by Original Media Show. First I thought it is just a fan channel, then I found that they mentioned Singapore concert. The video itself entitled as Libera - Behind the Scenes, so I thought it was a new video of Libera related to Singapore tour in April. Unfortunately NO, it's not new. It is a clip from Libera Songs of Praise Special in 2009 that they just uploaded on 7 February 2012.

Then I - with many question in my mind - visit their youtube channel, found their website address. Apparently they are an event organizer in Singapore. They have Libera's concert banner at their frontpage. At that time I was still clueless. I was like "Are they Libera's EO in Singapore?"

And the answer is obviously YES, they are people that manage Libera's concert in Singapore. Because then I noticed their name on Singapore concert's flier. See below. Haha.

In conclusion, I want to say is that Original Media manages Libera's Singapore tour, to be held on 6-7 April, live at Esplanade Theatre. Details here. I'd also like to say thank you for Original guys. I hope you can make a great and successful event for Libera and their fans. That's it. Case closed! Farewell. (:

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