Spring Tour 2012 Setlist

23 Feb 2012

Today EMI Japan has annouced at their page that the tracklist in Angel Voices 2012 will be singing at the Spring Tour 2012. There are 17 songs in the album. So, is there ONLY 17 songs will be singing at the concert? Really? I think Libera will add at least 2 or 3 song for the concert. Remember the project held by Singapore fans for the possible song list? Maybe they will choose the songs from the polling which not included yet into the album tracklist. Although all the top choices is in the list, but I really hope so there will be an addition. 

Here are the song list:
1.   Jubilate
2.   Libera
3.   Song of Life
4.   Sanctissima
5.   Sanctus
6.   I Vow To Thee My Country
7.   Eternal Light
8.   Salva Me
9.   Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep
10. Exultate
11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria
13. The Fountain
14. Stay With Me
15. Ave Verum
16. Far Away
17. How Shall I Sing That Majesty

So far I really love this song list, especially because they will be singing Jubilate, Orinoco Flow, The Fountain, and Far Away. Now I'm hoping they will add more songs into the setlist. Haha. *fingers crossed*

ps: Great news! EMI Japan also says that there will be handwritten message from the boys in Angel Voices 2012 album. Check out the discography to find the news. Aaah....Now it makes me really want to get this album too.

pps: Thanks to Yuki for sharing this news.

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