Japan Interview 2012 - Part 1

23 Apr 2012

Libera boys were interviewed by EMI Japan after the concerts. There are Cassius, Ralph, Kavana, Barney, and Jude. This is only one of 6 parts interview. Hooray! This video came in time. Because I really do miss our boys right now. Want to hear them sing again. Hehe. Keep an eye on this site. More to come soon. ;)

Q1 : Impression of Japan?
Q2 : Impression after the concert?

Cassius : Hello, I'm Cassius. 
Ralph : Hello, I'm Ralph. (Looking at Cassius, then Kavana. Ralph is always paying attention to anyone who speaks. I think it is sooo sweet. Such a caring big bro. I want a young brother like him. LOL.)
Kavana : Hi, I'm Kavana.
Barney : Hi, I'm Barney. (I love when Barney says his name. Just different and nice.)
Jude : Hi, I'm Jude. (Love Jude too! Love his accent.)
Kavana : And we are...
All : LIBERA. 

For the rest interview, please just watch the video. Hahaha...;)

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