'Benedictus Deus' Extension

22 Apr 2012

There is a great news coming from Libera. Still remember a movie "The Greatest Miracle"? It was involving Libera and Mark McKenzie on the soundtrack. So, McKenzie has announced they will be expanding Benedictus Deus. Yayy! Actually it has been announced like two weeks ago already. Thank you Jimmy Riddle for finding and sharing it. Here is the notice on McKenzie's Facebook page: 

Happy to announce that "Benedictus Deus" from "The Greatest Miracle" (El Gran Milgro) score is being expanded from 1:37 to 3:20 for a future release by the famed London Boys Choir LIBERA. http://www.libera.org.uk/ - Mark McKenzie Music
Awesome! I look forward to it. The current song is really nice and full of spirit somehow, in my opinion. I wonder who will be singing the solo part. Could be Stefan or Ralph? Or newbie(s)? Hopefully, this would be a sign of new album. Hehe, it's just my wish (and maybe you too?). Because I secretly kinda hope for a new album. I also want to hear a studio version of Grateful Heart by Stefan. Okay, this is totally out of topic, hehe. Hope they will release this extended song soon. Anyway, if you never heard about this Benedictus Deus, here is the song. Beautiful!

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