Libera Tops Amazon Japan

15 Apr 2012

Four albums by Libera got top 4 album on Amazon Japan Classical listing. Wow! Congratulations, guys. You deserved it. Many thanks to Japanese fans for supporting them in your country. This is totally AWESOME. 

Don't forget to check out Liblog to get the story of their journey in Japan. Well, I look forward to their pictures, too. Anyway, it was a great time to see you. I'm sad the tour was over. But we're all happy you had a wonderful time during this tour. Have a safe trip to home, Libera and crew. :)

Beside Amazon, Libera also got top place in the Japan Billboard Classical Album chart. They also charted in the Top 40 Album, they currently got 31 position. Woo-hoo! How splendid it is. Way to go, Libera (and of course Japanese fans)! Congratulations.

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