Japan Concert 2012

14 Apr 2012

The Concert
Day #1

The queue before the concert at Bunkamura
The hall looks so full. Really good crowd. (Credits: Yuki)
(Credits: Patrick)
 The stage at Orchard Hall. (Credits: Hagy)

The first concert in Japan was over. It seems everyone really enjoyed it. No wonder. They were really great in Singapore, I believe as well in Japan. They use the same set list for the concert, like in Singapore. Except on Grateful Heart, according to Patrick Ralph helped Stefan in a duet.
Day #2
Ten minutes before the gate open. What a crowd. (Credits: Patrick)
(Credits: Aoi.s)
 The closer picture of the stage. (Credits: Patrick)

The concert #2 was over. It went very nice. Then it means the Spring Tour 2012 was over too. Congratulation, boys. Patrick reports a few changes on the leading on some songs. Ciaran consolidated by 5 others on Dies Irae which is means they sang together with him. Matthew RA and Ciaran isolated at front center, and heads of 2 side rows sung with them. Stefan helped on Exsultate. Eoghan almost soloist on How Shall I Sing That Majesty.

The programme 
1. Jubilate
2. Libera
3. Song of Life
4. Sanctissima
5. Sanctus
6. I Vow to Thee
7. Eternal Light
8. Salva
9. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep
10. Exsultate
- Intermission -
11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria

13. The Fountain

14. Dies Irae

15. Grateful Heart

16. Stay With Me
17. Ave Verum
18. Far Away

19.Glory To Thee

20. How Shall I Sing That Majesty?
- Encore: Exsultate -

Meet & Greet
Japan is very strict. Photography or video is not allowed during the meet and greet. It's always be the same in Japan. But, thank God, Patrick managed to get a few shots. For signatures, the boys divided to 2 groups of 6 boys. 
Day #1
 Kuba, Isaac, and Stefan.
 Matthew RA, Henry, Matthew J, Kuba, Isaac, and Stefan.
The signing at Meet and Greet. (Credits: EMI Japan)
Day #2
You can see how long the queue on the day #2. It is longer than yesterday. No wonder, it's a sold-out concert. All pictures credits to Patrick.

Tom, Nano Ben, and Jude. (Credits: EMI Japan)

Some fans are waiting outside the building for Libera boys, at the bus parking. RED BUS! As I remember, this bus always takes Libera to anywhere in Japan during the tour.
The Merchadise
At the venue, they sell the programme booklet for 1500 Yen (picture below). The programme has 28 pages, thick paper, all in colours, and no pages used for sponsors. It looks really pretty. Japan always makes a very nice one. Love it! I love how they put all Matthews in the same row. It's just cute and funny, somehow. For those who bought the premium ticket for Japan concert, they got a programme booklet and a very cute Libera mug (picture below). Oh, I really want one. Haha.
 The programme booklet of the concert. (Credits: Patrick) 
The Libera mug, a gift for the premium ticket. (Credits: Patrick)

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