Travelling Along River Thames - Libera

17 Jul 2012

Pardon me! I totally forgot to put the link here in the earlier. 

Better late than never! Yeah..I know, I'm so yesterday. But well this is a rare and very precious video of Libera. I don't want to miss keeping it on my blog too. First of all, a very big thanks to Sunflower who captures this video and shares it with us. Okay...where should I begin? 

The video is a part of TV show in Japan entitled Travelling Along River Thames. It starts with a view of City of London and you can hear Song of Life as backsound. Then it shows the inside of All Saints Church in Welst Dulwich. Then some little (not all, though) figures appeared on my screen. boys! And the biggest surprise of all is JOSH WAS THERE! JOSH WAS THERE! Yeah..I know I'm crazy! Sorry for being such a hysterical fangirl.

There are 14 boys involved in the show: Michael M, Jakub, Cassius, Eoghan, Matthew RA, Kavana, Carlos, Luke, Henry, Matthew M, Jude, Dylan, Isaac, Michael UR. Oh I almost forgot Josh 'the conductor'!! Yes, he is. What a sweet surprise!

The next scene is too adorable. Two big brothers who are so responsible, doing their robe-job. Yep, I’m talking about Kavana and Carlos. Carlos is checking out the name on the list while Kavana is handing out the robe to each boy.  They are the men. ;)

O-m-g…why is Isaac extremely cute? How is this even possible? He’s so asking for attention in this entire video. And he has done it successfully in a cute and funny way. I.LOVE.HIM! Look at him when he's trying to wear his robe but he's wearing it backwards, even the hood covers his face. He's just smiling to his silliness. Awwww...such a precious moment it is.

Libera boys are just normal boys. This video has pointed it out to us perfectly. Like normal boys, they like...
Reading books, anime…
 Fooling around with friends… 
Yep..sooo normal! 
But what make them so special is sometimes they wear the white-robe which make them look like a bunch of angels, AND in fact they can sing like a real angel…
Josh Madine and Libera boys on Japanese TV
 After that, they will come back down to the earth and act like boys being boys....

Speaking of singing, I’m not sure if they sing Sanctus live…or they just dub…or they sing along with the playback.What do you think? In my opinion, maybe they indeed sang it live but to get better sound, the TV guys layered it with the recording one. Well, just my opinion. I still love it, of course. :)

If only I knew Japanese, but I think the commentator sounds curious when she sees the boys wearing the jacket backwards. FYI, it is to keep them warm and avoid the bad effect to the voice, also keep them from spilling something on their white robes. They've ever mentioned it here.

Anddd the video ends too fast, too soon. I’m in shocked! But they chose the right moment as the perfect ending: The cheekiness of Isaac (of course, him again! Haha). This time he is picking on Kavana who is in the middle of interview with hands and everything. hilarious! He's the cheeky one like Kavana said. I also just can’t stop smiling ear-to-ear and awww-ing because Isaac keeps looking at camera with his innocent look and plastering that smile on his little face. OMG...I love this cheeky lad. Isaac, you’re the star.


  1. Awww... Isaac so cute!) And I'm agree with you about Sanctus.

  2. cute he is. :)
    Ah..glad I'm not the only one who is thinking about that. :)