Libera Coming To St Thomas, Jersey

22 Jul 2012

"On Sunday 29 July the all-boys choir “Libera” will be singing at the 9.30am Mass at St Thomas’. The chart topping boy’s choral group from London is appearing at the Jersey Opera House on 1 and 2 August where they will present a fully staged performance."

The announcement is mentioned in the newsletter of the Catholic Church in Jersey. You can get it by clicking on this. Thank you Jimmy Riddle (as usual) for sharing the information. So, for all Libera fans who will be coming to Jersey around this time, you can go to the church for attending the Mass that Libera will be attending.

The building of St Thomas Church is quite beautiful. I think it's one of the sites you can visit while you're in Jersey. If you're interested, you can also check out their website the Mass schedule and everything. Enjoy Libera and have fun in the Islands! One week away 'til the Summer Tour 2012 begins. Hooray!

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