Summer Tour: Jersey Concert

2 Aug 2012

Member list:  
Henry Barrington, Anthony Blake, Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey, Tiarnan Branson, Jude Collins, Luke Collins, Kavana Crossley, Thomas Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Benjamin Fairman, Daniel Fontannaz, Matthew Jansen, Isaac London, Josh Madine, Matthew Madine, Eoghan McCarthy, Jakob Menesez-Wood, Michael Menesez, Kuba Neidermaier-Reed, Cassius O'Connel-White, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Adrian Sheard, Bertie Smart, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Sam Wiggin, Lucas Wood. 

Musical director - Robert prizeman. Keyboards - Robert Prizeman, Steven Geraghty, JOSH MADINE (OMG, I'm dying!), Ian Tilley. Clarinet and Recorder - Steven Geraghty. Percussion - Simon Roth. Lighting - Luke Avery. Concert producer - Ben Crawley. Sound mixing and production - Sam Coates. Stage management - Jonathan Barrington. Chaperones - Barbara Geraghty, Eleanor Lewis, Sandra Barrington. Management - Steven Philipp, Andrew Winter.  

1. Jubilate
2. Libera
3. Song of Life - Isaac
4. Sanctissima - Eoghan
5. Sanctus 
6. I Vow to Thee - Matthew J
7. Eternal Light - Jude and Thomas
8. Salva
9. Faithful Heart - Josh and Matthew J
10. Exsultate - Thomas
- Interval -

11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria
13. The Fountain - Matthew J and Thomas
14. Dies Irae - Ciaran (main) and Matthew RA
15. Grateful Heart - Thomas and Michael
16. Stay With Me - Cassius
17. Ave Verum - Thomas

18. Far Away - Isaac
19.Glory To Thee - Eoghan
20. How Shall I Sing That Majesty? - Eoghan 

A ticket for Libera concert in Jersey
Ticket for Libera's concert from Jersey Opera House (Courtesy of Patrick) 
Day 1
Libera boys in front of Opera House, Jersey.
 Around 3 pm, the boys passing to the Opera House. (Courtesy of Patrick)

Today Libera's Summer Tour 2012 officially has already begun. Their annual event this year has taken place in the lovely Channel Islands. This is the very first time they hold a tour/concert in there. They chose two biggest cities of the Islands: Jersey and Guernsey for sharing their magical music. Jersey got the first chance to experience Libera today and tomorrow. Then next week is Guernsey's turn on 7 and 8 August. 
Concert programme from Libera concert in Jersey, Channel Islands.
Concert's programme booklet. (Courtesy of Patrick)
Libera-spirit is on fire again. Twitter buzzing like crazy. All the updates from the concert goers started flowing on my timeline. I knew it would be a sleepless night for me tonight. Since holidays and Olympic already messed up my bed-time, it doesn't matter at all to sacrifice one night for a live report of Libera concert. Because I'm now officially a nocturnal human being, so it isn't a really big deal for me to struggle the 6 hours difference and stay awake until this hour. Although now while typing this, my eyes are so heavy, fighting to close. But, all the excitement inside me beat the sleep tonight (or this morning now!).

Venue for Libera concert in Jersey.
Opera Jersey House. (Courtesy of Patrick)
First of all before heading to the actual report, I want to say how LUCKY those who are attending the concert(s) on this tour. Seriously, heard Josh Madine is still in his white robe and singing in Libera, made me crazy. And now he's on the keyboard too? How crazily awesome that is! God, I'm gonna die now. Oh no, not now, I still want to see him performing one day. Anyway, remember 'Sanctus' on Japanese TV show? He was conducting and possibly playing the keyboard too. Will he be the next Robert Prizeman? Who knows! I so want to be there even more.

Maybe tonight it wasn’t a full house concert at Jersey Opera House, but it didn’t reduce our boys’ spirit to give their best performance. Overall, Libera's concert was really good, according to Patrick who attending the concert which is agreed by the others. Unfortunately, our beloved duo Ralph and Stefan have been MIA on this tour, as well as Barney, Oscar, and Carlos. But, we happily welcoming the return of the back-row team as you already heard from here.

There were 26 boys on stage. Even though the composition of the boys has changed a bit but the setlist was quite the same as the Spring Tour and Arundel's, except they replaced 'Do Not Stand' with 'Faithful Heart'. The concert was opened with Jubilate as the opening number. I myself always love this song. It can boost up good mood. Perfect choice as an opening.
A Libera's concert programme with Libera boys' autographs.
Signed programme booklet. (Courtesy of Yuki)

Thomas Delgado - Little.
I already had thought that Matthew J, Eoghan, and Isaac would get some solo parts at the concert. Their voices are undoubtly excellent. I noticed Thomas got quite a few numbers of solo. I kinda surprised. And I proudly say that tonight he did a great job, based on the report of the Libera fans who witnessed it. Such a promising soloist he is.

I’m so happy that Ciaran – who has missed the latest concert in Arundel - was coming back on stage with his lovely Dies Irae. He was fantastic, said Danielle one of the concert goers. Congratulations for our Cookie Monster-Michael UR and Jude who got their very first solo. Michael has such a lovely cute voice, while Jude has a strong voice but seemed a bit nervous. At the beginning of the second act, Eoghan sang a capella of a little chant of Attende Domine/Attendite, the same one as at the Arundel concert.

I must say that tonight's concert was FULL of SURPRISES. Some new soloists have arisen. But the highlights tonight are of course: 1) (un)surprisingly Josh got a solo part on Faithful Heart which was so moving as Patrick said. Josh's voice was quite same as CD on first sentences then help by Matthew J on high. 2) Josh played the piano behind the choir during Ave Verum.

To be honest, I KNEW it Josh would get a solo part. But, OMJ, when I heard it, I was literally crying with joy. No sadness this time. My heart was warming, full of joy. No kidding! He's still singing in Libera, getting solo part and playing keyboard as well is like a double rainbow to me. Josh, you're an excellent and amazing Libera boy EVER (in my eyes). I'm a proud MadineLover. I love you! How I really wish I was there.

The whole performance was ended by the majestic tune: How Shall I Sing that Majesty which sung by Eoghan on the solo part. Bravo, guys! What a splendid job for the first concert. No meet and greet after the concert. But, our friends Yuki and Danielle managed to take some pictures at the end of the concert.
A picture of Libera boys during the concert in Jersey, Channel Islands.
 On the left: Super tall Josh, Adrian, Jakob, Sam/Anthony, Matthew M, Matthew J and Jakub. 
On the right: Bertie, Ciaran, Tom, Isaac, Lucas and Michael M.
(Courtesy of Yuki) 
Photo from Libera boys concert in Jersey.
On the left: Dylan, Michael UR, Nano-Ben, Eoghan, (behind them) Cassius and Jude.
On the right: Luke, Kavana, Henry, Sam/Anthony, Daniel, Matthew RA and Tiarnan 

(Courtesy of Yuki) 
Libera boys after concert in Jersey, Channel Islands.
After the concert. (Courtesy of Danielle)
 (Courtesy of Viktar)
Thank you very much for Patrick, Danielle, Yuki, and the others for updates and pictures. The second concert is only 21 hours away. Hopefully, the first one can boost up the ticket's selling for tomorrow (or today in Indonesia time). Then magically it will be a sold-out concert. Keep your fingers crossed and keep sharing the info to help the boys! :) Now, time for me to sleep. I know I'll get a really good sleep this nigh err morning. Okay, good mornight!

Day 2
This is a brief update of the Libera day 2. Libera still brought the same programme on the stage at the day 2 concert, well, as usual. Same soloists, same songs. But, all boys were in their top form. They made a good progress. According to some fans, it was perfect than yesterday.
The stage. (Courtesy of Yorkie)
Josh's touchy Faithful Heart still took a breath away, while Thomas amazingly nailed the high notes on that song. Our little Isaac with his strong voice successfully impressed the whole theatre on Song of Life. Their performance was also well-supported by the awesome lighting and staging. Ten point (of 10) to the Libera boys. No wonder there's a lot of smiling faces in the end. Well done, my lads! (p.s: don't you notice that most of the boys, even RP, got tanned? I reckon they had lots of fun in the Island!)
See you next time!
Happy faces! :)
With THE man of Libera.
Sunburnt-face angels
Ready to fly?
Last bow.
(All pictures above credit to Danielle) 

Another pictures from Viktar. 

Also a video from James Phillip.

And a little video from Julia.

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