Summer Tour: Guernsey Concert

8 Aug 2012

Day 1
Venue for Libera concert in Guernsey, Channel Islands.
St James Hall. (credit: Patrick)

I don't know if tonight's concert got any better than what seemed to be an ideal concert of Libera the last time in Jersey or no. But, once again, it was really good. The boys were amazing.

OK, I know that I sounded like I was there. In fact I, perhaps like you right this second, was only sitting in front of my desktop, muttering why I wasn’t there, and blogging about it. Well, the later is probably just me. 

But back to the topic, I could feel it in my bone they would do just great tonight and the day after, somehow. And what I heard from the actual eyewitnesses, yes they were. My boys did it once again, like a boss. Yayy!!!! 

Nothing changed during the concert. Still the same soloist for the same programme. Everyone has done their job well.

I think this concert had the better attendance tonight. Last time I checked the ticket selling few hours before the concert, the hall was about 70% filled up with the audience. Way better than in Jersey. Thanks to some dedicated fans who made such an effort to help Libera advertising the concerts by putting up the poster on the local buses and handing out the leaflet to some tourists and also putting them at Tourism Centre in Guernsey. It surely helped a lot. 
Libera advertising in the town. (credit: Yorkie)

Pictures before Libera concert in St James Hall, Guernsey - Channel Island. 
Before the concert. There's 2 persons in it. Can you guess it?
 (credit: Patrick)

I can't say anything but really am proud of my boys for doing another magnificent job. One more to go, lads. I'm so looking forward to the last concert tomorrow ( things get so fast to end!). Could they get even better? I bet they absolutely could. But, we'll see. (: Here are some pictures at the end of the concert. Thank you for Patrick, Yorkie, and Yuki for updates and everything.
Picture of Josh Madine and Libera boys in Channel Island.
Picture of Libera boys 2012
Picture of Eoghan Mccharty and Libera boys.
Picture of newbie Libera boys
(credit: Yuki)

A brief but precious clip by Viktar.

Day 2
If you were thinking Libera wouldn’t get any better, FYI, you were wrong. Fantastic, stunning, brilliant were the words used by the audience to describe the 2nd concert in Guernsey and also the last one of the tour in the Channel Islands. I'm really glad that the boys ended their Summer Tour brilliantly. Everyone is happy.

I won't put any review of the concert because you better hear it directly all the excitement and stuff from the concert goers. Please do check some fan-sites for everything, such as Libera Passion and Libera Dreams.

Finally, someone has captured a clear shot of Moose 'the mascot' last night. It was taken by Yorkie before the concert. Wow! Moose is such a role model for the boys. You know, always be the first one ready to the concert and all the events. ;)
Picture of Moose - the Mascot of Libera
(credit: Yorkie)

To end all of this, I want to congratulate you boys for a great tour in this Summer. You all have done an amazing job, as ever. Now, it's time to sit and chillax. And enjoy the rest of your Summer! See you when I see you. :)
Picture of Josh Madine and Libera boys in Guernsey concert.
(credit: Yuki)

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