Arundel Concert 2012

5 May 2012

This is the situation at cathedral few hours before the concert (see picture below). This cathedral is indeed a beautiful and gorgeous building, as ever. There is organ rehearsal during the stage up, also string and percussion rehearsal. The stage crew are coming earlier than the boys. Tiarnan has spotted among them. Glad to hear that. Anyway, Daniel F has tweeted that he'll be coming as audience. According to Fan de LoK, there is a Korean fan came first and arrived there at 7 am. Wow, so early!! She must be SUPER excited for the concert. Now, we'll count on Patrick and others for the update/report. 
Pictures courtesy: Fan de LoK and Yorkie
Picture courtesy: Patrick
Boys just arrived around 4 pm (London time). It seems like the same group as Spring tour in Asia.

Henry Barrington, Anthony Blake*, Jude Collins, Luke Collins, Kavana Crossley, Thomas Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Benjamin Fairman, Matthew Jansen, Stefan Leadbeater, Barnaby Lindsell, Isaac London, Matthew Madine, Eoghan McCarthy, Oscar McFall, Michael Menesez, Kuba Neidermaier-Reed, Cassius O'Connel-White, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Carlos Rodriguez, Adrian Sheard, Ralph Skan, Bertie Smart, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Sam Wiggin*, Lucas Wood. (*newbie)

1. Jubilate
2. Libera
3. Song of Life
4. Sanctissima
5. Sanctus
6. I Vow to Thee
7. Eternal Light
8. Salva
9. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep
10. Exsultate

- Interval -
11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria

13. The Fountain

14. Dies Irae

15. Grateful Heart

16. Stay With Me
17. Ave Verum
18. Far Away

19.Glory To Thee

20. How Shall I Sing That Majesty?

Many thanks to Fan de LoK a.k.a Patrick and Yorkie for the heads up. The song list and the boys quite the same as Japan and Singapore concerts, except we got 2 newbies and Bertie's back but no Ciaran this time. So sad, he's my favourite. I was wondering who will be singing Dies Irae later. By the way, at the venue they're selling signed programme for 8 pounds and unsigned for 2 pounds.
Pictures courtesy: Yorkie
The stage. Picture courtesy: Patrick
According to some fans who's going, the concert went very well. Matthew RA did solo part on Dies Irae. Stefan seems not very well during the concert. No solo for him. I guess he's still in bad condition, maybe cold. Because he did an amazing job in Singapore on every solo he got. Overall, the concert was amazing. Everyone did a good job. "Great concert. In a cathedral, it has more atmosphere", said Martin (a fan from Germany).

Beside Tiarnan, JB and Mini Ben were helping out behind the scene. I always happy when I find out some boys help the group. It's so sweet. And I'm happy. In audience, Alfie Smart and Daniel F spotted by fans were sitting and enjoying the concert. So was Ben P.

Want to hear a great news?? A fan got to talk to Barney's dad and he said possibly there will be a tour in China this year. Yay! Happy for everyone in China. Just keep an eye on them, guys. Lastly, I wanna say congratulations to Libera for another successful concert in Arundel. Cheers!

There's a video by karrak57 on Youtube. It shows every corner inside this stunning cathedral. Also captures a brief clip of Percussion and String team, and also the stage setting and two faces of seven newest boys in Libera who were sitting in the front row during the concert.
Who is who? (Sorry can't capture a clear and nice shot. Will try again tomorrow.)
I really love this shot. I edited a little and added a few words on it. 
A video is beautifully done by James Philip. Enjoy the architecture of Arundel cathedral, also some nice scene of the boys before and after the concert. Very, very nice video. I heart it! :)


P.S.: For the review of the concert, please read LDF, Lucy, and Maarten.

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  1. Great concert. The pictures are very nice specially of newbies. Thanks for sharing this detailed information with us. Great job done by you. Keep it up.