Spring Tour 2012 - Pictures

30 Apr 2012

Finally they posted the pictures from Singapore Tour 2012. I've been waiting for this like crazy. Looks like they had a really good time in Singapore and Japan: sightseeing, eating, luge riding, swimming, karaoke-ing, bowling, and many more. What a fun! I re-post some pictures here, but go to their website to see the rest.
 The boys in action.
 OMJ! Ciaran labeled his game console. LOL.
 Our tour guide - Jude - shows us the view of Marina Sand Bays from Singapore Flyer.
Seems Matthew got really excited with his food. What is it, Matt? Care to share? ;)
 Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep - Love when they put the hoods on.
 Ave Verum - Ralph leads the boys in their famous V-formation. 
Love the lighting and the screen.
Ralph, Cassius, and Ciaran in front of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and banana trees.
Wait, I'm confused. Which one is Henry here? LOL.
 I was wondering what they eat. Looks like noodle or something. Nom nom nom.
Shopping time!!!!
 Kavana, Eoghan, Carlos, Lucas, and Ralph.
How I love this picture. They all looked so happy and enjoyed it. 
Running and playing with the fountain like an ordinary kid.
 Angels meet flower fairies. 
Brrrrrmm...are you ready? 1, 2, 3, Go!
The boys on the Skyride Sentosa. Love Carlos' sunglasses. So cool!
Oh no! Don't tell me you're scared of heights, Tom.
They look like a gang or something. Yo man! LOL.
BEACH!!! And look at Isaac. Haha.
Three lads on one piano.
 Collins VS Lindsell

Koi + sakura + angels = beautiful.
 The boys and a sumo wrestler. The boys look so tiny compared to him. 
Even Stefan is amazed with the guy.
 Boys pyramid.
Looks like they just had rehearsal on the stage.
 Great shot of Barney, Michael, and Matthew RA.
 Satisfied faces. Well done, boys!
Meet and Greet. The boys were busy signing the programmes.
"Hello! I am Lucas, and this is my friend Michael. We're new. "

Whoaa, I'm glad they enjoyed their stay in both countries. Oh, I'm happy to see their happy faces. Oh God, I missed them so much. Please lads, come back soon. To end this post, I'd like to say good luck for your concert in Arundel-London on Saturday. Stay awesome, boys. :)

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