Josh Was There!

28 Jul 2012

Yes. Josh Madine is in the Channel Islands right now, Jersey to be exact. Oh, you must have already heard that Libera already arrived in Jersey, right? I almost shed tears when I read a tweet from a fan in Jersey that he saw Libera boys in their white robes giving flyers in the street of the town. And JOSH was among them. Oh..and did I mention in his white robe? BANG! 

The fact that he was there in his white robe drives me a little crazy. I got a mini heart attack. It means he’s till in Libera, singing! I was like “Why oh why? Why he didn’t show up when I was in Singapore? Why now?" I always want to see him singing. Ok, I know, you know, at the moment he couldn’t go because he had to study. I was fully understood. But, then he wasn’t in Arundel. So I secretly had a little theory that perhaps he already hung up his robe means retired. I didn't expect he would be there as the singer. Then now, as I told you, he’s on tour. I don’t know whether I should be sad or happy to hear this. Sad because this time possibly is his last time as a Libera boy (and in fact I was not there). Happy because I can still see him until now. Oh my! He might be the oldest Libera boy EVER. What a dedication. He must love Libera so much. Thank you, Josh. 

Tonight I was a truly drama queen. Almost cried because of this news. I said almost because I couldn't help laughing of a funny tweet my friend has tweeted me. So, the tears went back into their place. But deep down inside, I was crying my heart out. Well, go back to the issue, I can do nothing about it. I can't go. So, what's the point? As my friend said, sometimes life can be that suck. Yeah, that's life. Still, I really hope I can get a chance to meet him oneday. OK, that’s what I want to say. I just need to wash out this feeling by writing it down on my blog. Pfftt..I think, I feel better now. And here we go, many questions have already flooded into my mind, such as this big one: “Will Josh get a solo again like his last tour?” Well, Libera is full of surprises. Now I’m really excited even more to know what will happen next during this tour. Are you ready? *trying to cheer up* 

p.s.: As far according to Patrick, he saw some boys in the group like Luke, Kavana, Dylan, Nano Ben, Matthew J, Matthew M, Cassius, Josh, Daniel, Jakob, and Tiarnan. Do you think Libera only bringing this little group? Calm down! He probably missed the other boys since they split up. Oh by the way, Jonathan was also there but more as a chaperon. He wasn’t in his white robe.

p.p.s.: Libera has performing at St Thomas' Church this morning (29 July). There were 27 or 28 of them. Beside the boys I've mentioned above, there were Isaac, Ciaran (yay!, you're back), and 4 or 5 unknown boys (yay newbies!). Patrick said he couldn't spot Ralph, Stefan, and Barney in the group. But, again, he might be wrong because he couldn't saw the whole choir properly at the church.


  1. Did your friend mention if he saw Liam there too? I know that Josh and Liam are great friends along with Jonathan and Alex and Sam so I wondered since Jonathan and Josh were there if Liam was there too. I'm surprised Libera isn't in London right now with the Olympics going on there. Rachelle

  2. Hello Rachelle!

    Are you a fan of Liam?

    No, sadly not. He didn't mentioned or saw Liam among them, even at the Mass this morning. But, we'll see. Let's wait until the concert day. :)

    Oh..but, I always thought they would be going outside London in the Summer tour. Too crowded in London for the concert, in my opinion.

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by, Rachelle. :)