Carita de Angel

20 Jan 2013

Carita de Angel is a TV kid series (or telenovela) from Mexico. It is about a little girl named Dulce Maria that after the death of her mother, his father sending her to a boarding school. Since then she is taken care of by Sisters in that school - her father even ends up falling in love with one of the nuns. Dulce Maria has a secret place in school where she always meets her Angel Mom. Saweet! Back then, this show was really popular in my country. I can say it was Indonesian family's favourite show at the time. 

Sooo..what's up with this show and Libera? Apparently, Sanctus (1999) was used as the backsound in this show, especially in the scene when she meets her mom. In the video above you can hear the song played in the background. This is very interesting, at least to me. Because I used to watch this series when I was kid and never skipped it. Hahaha. But I didn't know it was Libera's song. Heck, I didn't even know Libera existed at the time. I wonder if anyone here, especially Indonesian and Mexican fans, has recognized it before? 

This topic is originally posted by an Indonesian fan in Libera Dreams Forum. If you want to share your Carita de Angel story with others, you can find the post here.

AdiĆ³s. SIPIRILI!!! :D

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