Off Topic - Boy Sopranos

7 Jan 2013

L to R: Christo, Moses, and Sabian.
I rarely post non-Libera stuff here. But there's an exception this time. Guys, please let me introduce Boy Sopranos: three talented boys from Indonesia. They just launched a music video of their debut song "Damai Bersama-Mu", and soon they will release their debut album on February. As an Indonesian, I am really happy to welcome them to Indonesian music industry, and also proud of them already. Hat off to father-daughter Erwin and Gita Gutawa (the producers) who found these talents. I'm excited, you know. Since we don't see this kind of group/music everyday on TV and to be honest I already grew tired of Indonesian music these days. No hate here, just tired.

The boys with their producer, Erwin Gutawa.
Actually it's not out of Libera topic at all. Apparently - as Gita Gutawa says in one of their interviews - the idea of Boy Sopranos formation is basically inspired by Vienna Boys Choir and LIBERA (yay!). All boys. Treble voices. Classical style. Well, even if they weren't inspired by my boys, I would still like them very much. You know, when I found them for the first time around December, I was like "FINALLY!!!" You should have seen the look on my face. I felt like dancing my happy chicken dance at the time. Lol.

Their presence brings some warm, nice touch to me specially. Turns out I'm not the oddball here, pretty excited about them all alone. So far they received positive responses from music enthusiasts in this land. Good job, people! Hopefully they will be big once the album came out. For now let's just enjoy their serene voices before they hit puberty or puberty hit them. The link is down below. Please check them out. Bye! :)

Facebook: Boy Sopranos
Twitter: @boysopranos

Official music video "Damai BersamaMu". Another version.
Live performance.(I love it so much!)


  1. Very talented boys! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yeesss, agree... Finally we have them, Angel Voices :-)

  3. @ Tzu-hsiu Chen : Glad you liked them. And thanks for checking them out. :D

    @Mbak Luci : Yayy! *happy chicken dances*

  4. Thank you very much for your support. We share this blog in our wall as well :)

  5. You're welcome. It really is my pleasure, though. Thank you for sharing this blog on your Facebook page. And thanks for your beautiful music and voices. May success always be with you guys. Love you. :)