Unforgettable 2012, Exciting 2013

1 Jan 2013

Libera 2013

Without any doubts, I can say 2012 was a great year and will become an unforgettable year for me. There were many good things happened to me in my Libera-life. I am trully grateful for all of it. This is a list of a few of my memories from last year - yes, of course they are Libera-related. :D

- Highlight of the year : Flying out to Singapore to meet Libera. GREATEST MOMENT EVER. Seeing them singing in a concert. Meeting the boys face to face. And having my first signed CD and merchandises. Year = made! :D 

- Meeting fellow fans from all over world whom I know from blog, twitter, facebook, and e-mail. Glad to finally meet you all. 

- Josh, whom I thought was already retired, magically (haha!) appears on public still with Libera, singing a solo, playing piano/keyboard, even breaking the record of the oldest active Libera boy. EVER. And he's eighteen now!!!

-  Not a big deal but happy that my message is luckily chosen for Libera banner.

- Unexpectedly finding a new crazy Libera buddy (winks, winks). I had so much fun, sharing stories and stuff with you.

- Having a fans gathering with Team Indonesia at last. PS: Thank you for a great fun time! We surely have to arrange another meeting some time.

- And so on.

A new year 2013 is here now, new experience is waiting for us to be explored. Nobody knows what this year will bring us. But I'm so excited already. For everything. I hope I can be a better Libera-fan, and a better fellow fan to you guys. I hope you can make your Libera wishes come true this year. Those who want to Libera come to their country. Those who want to see Libera live in a concert. Those who want to meet the boys in person.

For Libera, I hope their beautiful, inspiring music will be more echoing all over the world so that more people will join with us in this amazing Libera world. I hope after Taiwan, they will add more new countries to their touring list. Isn't it exciting to have them in your own country? And I hope for a new album with new everything this year, maybe? Or at least new songs or new videos. Pretty please, Libera? Well, a fan can dream! :)

I hope 2013 will bring us a bunch of exciting things to look forward to. Never forget: Keep spreading Libera virus to wherever you are. HAPPY NEW YEAR, my Libera friends!


  1. i am crying. all this time. ALL THIS TIME I THOUGHT JOSH WAS RETIRED! tears of joy, man, tears of joy. :'D
    i'm scared to meet them irl because if i do i would probably blurt out something stupid and cry. that would be embarrassing.

  2. Hahaha..most people make something stupid when they meet their idol. Starstruck that is. Do not worry. You know, I did that when met them for the first time. Hope you could meet them someday. They're so lovely and nice. :)

  3. Oh, oh, yes. I am going to meet the boys this Spring! I have already bought the tickets for two concerts, though I really love to go for all five concerts here in Taiwan! I am so excited and cannot wait. What a great year I am going to have! ^*

  4. Wow! Two concerts? How exciting that is. Got great seats? :D Surely your 2013 will be great because you started it with a great thing. And btw I am looking forward to hear what you think about your first (isn't it?) Libera concerts. Prepare yourself to be amazed! ;D Now it's time to countdown. Yay! :D

  5. Oh, yes. For their first concert, I will be sitting in the middle of the third row, and the second concert, I will be sitting in the middle of 15th row with my friend and his daughter while my sis and her husband and other friends will sitting behind us. I am so lucky, really thankful for this great opportunity. And the mean time, I will be posting their posters and propaganda(which I got from the promotion organization in Taiwan, since I am a big fan)wherever I have a chance, I want everyone to go and listen to their beautiful voices!

  6. Oh yeah, you have great seats. Congrats! You'll get a good view, and you'll get some details of the boys on the stage. Sometimes they do funny things. Lol. :D Wow, it seems like you bring a huge group with you. :P Are they all fans? You're so lucky indeed!

    Oh that's so nice of you. I can tell you're truly a big fan! With your help and also the others, hopefully all the concerts will be sold out and this tour will be a huge success, also Libera will become more well-known.

    That's why keep spreading Libera virus! :D

  7. Well, actually, I am the only one who is a big fan, but I am sure all of them will soon be fans, especially after listening to them at the concert! Three more people are joining me for the concert today! I am sure a diligent Libera virus spreader. Or I am a virus myself! Haha!!

  8. Your 'virus' surely worked very well. Good job! Keep it coming. :D Yes, most people - who aren't fans - usually will fall in love with Libera once they've seen the boys live. Well, good luck, Libera virus spreader! :D

  9. I just want to share this good news with you! Today, SIX more people from my work are joining me for the concert. I can only say, what a potent virus I am!

  10. You're doing a FANTASTIC job! Keep it up, girl. :D

  11. Hi, I am counting the days. Really excited for the concerts. And also meeting one other fan from Japan who became my fb friend. Plus, FOUR more friends joined me for the concert! Isn't that wonderful?

  12. Awwww..I'm secretly counting the days as well, even though I'm not going. It's just really exciting to be excited. :D

    Oh yes, that's woooonnderful. A new friend from Japan? Are you guys going to meet at the concert or...? More companions? Saweet! :D Keep on spreading Libera-virus, spread it, spread it everywhere! ;D

    So...26 boys will be performing for the tour. Such a big group, eh? :D Hopefully there will be Meet and Greet for you in Taiwan. ;)