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5 Dec 2012

Libera Song of Life

EMI Classic US is calling all Libera Fans to take a part in Libera Music Video Voting Contest. All you need to do is to vote your favourite Libera video. You just have to go to THIS SITE and then cast your vote for your most favourite video among 16 videos in the playlist. I think you can only choose one. It is really hard, isn't it? 

(It's nice to see EMI US is hosting a contest like this for Libera to promote them and their new compilation album. this a sign or something? MAYBE there's a hope for US tour in the near future? Or...maybe not. Well, it's just pure my personal thoughts, though. Don't get high. Because I know nothing about it. You could simply ignore it. But, I keep my fingers crossed for you guys, US fans.)

Alright, Libera fans. Happy voting!

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