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17 Feb 2013

Libera has some important things we need to know. Please, pay attention and read the following information carefully.

Firstly, there will be 26 boys performing for their upcoming Spring tour in Taiwan and South Korea. Wow! That was awesome that they actually told us about that. In this case, I'll let you guys use your psychic powers to see which boys would be among those 26 mysterious listed boys. Or how many newbies would be there. Hahaha. Kidding. Any guess, though?
Anyway, to see the information of this tour you can click HERE. Also don't miss their concert in Surrey next May, go to HERE to find out more.

Secondly, they have a partnership with iTunes now. Basically it's the same thing with Amazon. Everytime you purchase ANYTHING from iTunes or Amazon through their links, Libera will earn some money from the purchasing/downloading. So if you love Libera, help them now please. :) To find out more, please check out this LINK.

If you were wondering where this news came from, well, today Libera has sent out emails to their fans on mailing list telling the news. Aha! Haven't joined their e-mailing list yet? Alright, you can simply go to their HOME PAGE, find the box under the News section on the left, and then submit your email address. You'll receive e-mail from Libera about tour announcement, CD releasing, etc.

I guess, that's all. Keep spreading Libera love! :)

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