Not Just Another Promotional Video

28 Feb 2013

I was really happy when my eyes caught a new video from Libera on my YT timeline. Well, it was a promotional video for their Spring Tour 2013. Never thought I would be any happier until I actually clicked on it then BAM! It was not just a promotional video. It contained the footage from their very recent concert. Please, excuse me while I go dancing my infamous happy chicken dance at almost 6 AM here. Very very happy to finally see freshly familiar (and unfamiliar) faces of my favourite mini and not-so-mini people: singing and harmonizing, laughing and smiling, doing whatever they're doing at the time. And oh-em-gee do you guys see what I see at 00:41 - 00:44? Is that a hint for something or...? Okay, this is exciting! :D Ah, for sure it's such a lovely way to start my day. Thank you, Libera. And I wish you boys best of luck for this Spring Tour.

Libera singing in live concert Libera boys white robes Libera in concert Libera boys recording song Eoghan McCarthy Libera Spring Tour 2013


  1. I think I am dead now
    I want them to come back to the US SO BAD it makes me want to cry.

  2. Hey, hang in there. I do hope they'll come back to US soon. Have a little faith. :) Anyway, have you ever been to Libera concert before?

  3. Josh is so tall now! Wow! (Plus, lookie there, it's Daniel! <3)

  4. Hello! Yeah Josh is 18 now after all. A young man, he is now. :) Wow, it seems somebody is a big fan of Mr.Fontannaz. ;)