Korea Concerts 2013 Promo

7 Mar 2013

Hi guys!

I want to share a promo video for Libera concerts in Korea from Seoul Arts Management - Korean organizer. They shared it on their blog, then Inna re-posted it on Youtube. Thank you Inna and SAM! Generally, it has the same pictures as Taiwan's video, but you can find Libera boys greeting fans in Korean there.
Libera boys speaking Korean

SAM also shared a few very adorable pictures of Cassius, Matthew M, Michael M, Dylan, and Ciaran. And they are NEW, everyone. Woohoo! I'm so in love with it. So cute, and delicious (I mean, the ice creams!). Yeah but why ice creams, anyway? Isn't ice cream a big NO during their Libera duties? Lol. To see the entire photoshoot, please check out SAM's blog
Libera ice cream photoshoot
Thanks again, SAM. Now aren't we all excited and looking forward to the real deal (a.k.a the tour)? :D Less than a month away till Libera Spring Tour 2013 begin.Yay!

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