The Moon Represents My Heart

16 Mar 2013

Libera singing The Moon Represents My Heart

You may have heard that Libera will be singing a Chinese song in their upcoming concerts. The song is a quite popular love-song called The Moon Represents My Heart (月亮代表我的心). You can hear the original version here. Today Artemis Art shared a video of Taiwanese TV news introducing Libera. In the video, it plays some parts of music video of the song. And yes, it's Libera's version! Oh-my-god, they sing it so beautifully. And when it came to Michael's solo, aw my heart just melted away. :')

Another video here.
I'm positive that they will definitely capture many hearts of Taiwanese by singing this song. I hope their Spring Tour 2013 in Asia will be a huge success. And oh yeah, I can't wait to hear the entire song and watch the full clip! Also if it's possible, I want to see the life version of it as well. Who's with me? :D


  1. Aww... Michael is soooo sweet ^_^

  2. Hello Mickey!I know right? He has such a sweet, sweet voice! :') So looking forward to listening to the full song!

  3. They should have recorded it and released it onto iTunes before the concerts!! I saw the video and had such a great urge to buy it!! I still have!! :) I'm Chinese and I think they did such a beautiful job considering they don't speak the language. Mandarin is not an easy language to grasp the correct pronunciation for.

  4. Hello Andromedaaiken!

    Everyone was asking the same question about the song/video releasing. But, apparently there is copyright issue that make them can't release it for now. Hopefully, this issue will be solved soon so we all can hear this beautiful song. :)

    I'm not Chinese, but I think they're doing a great job speaking Mandarin. It sounds like a perfect real Mandarin to me. I'm almost conviced that they are secretly Chinese. Lol. Kudos to the boys for learning such a difficult language successfully.

  5. I am a Taiwanese. I think that their pronunciation is not bad ,and they sing very smoothly and touch my heart.They must spent a lot of time rehearsing.I love them very much.I hope that they can have concerts in Taiwan every year. But it's very pity. It seems that they don't have any plans to go to Taiwan this summer.