Almost Show Time!

26 Mar 2013

Cassius O'Connel-White and Ben Fairman
Libera, through Artemis Art, shared another greeting video to Taiwanese fans (see below). Yayy! Nano Ben and Cassius are representing Libera, inviting all fans to come to their concert. They speak in two languages: English and Chinese. Aww, it must be hard to learn to speak Chinese. But, I think they're doing a great job! Taiwanese fans must be thrilled to hear the boys speaking their language. By the way, I love the awkward silence in the end of the video. Lol. So funneh. xD

Ahh, the first show of this Spring Tour 2013 is only a few days away. To my surprise, Artemis Art - the organiser/promoter of Taiwan concerts already released the concert programme. :D Well, although the song list is similar to the St. George's concert last year in November and no new songs. But, I think it's not a big deal at all because it's their very first Taiwan concert ever and it's been awhile since their last visit in Korea. People must be really excited to hear them live in concert. Also there are so many great songs on the list. :D Isn't it exciting to hear, hopefully, new soloists?
Libera song list 2013
As I said before, it's their first time having a show in Taiwan. To commemorate it, Libera is releasing Ave Maria - Asia Tour Exclusive Version for Taiwanese fans. Actually it's the same album as Ave Maria released by EMI Japan last November, still it's special for Taiwan. It'd be more special if they added the Moon song as well, in my opinion. Please check out the promotional mini-site of this album, here.
Libera Ave Maria - Asia Tour Exclusive Version
It's almost show time! Please, please, don't miss your chance to see the magical show of these angel boys from South London. Buy your tickets now if you haven't! And for you Taiwanese fans, get yourself a copy of Ave Maria album from the CD stores near you! Thank you. :) So...are you ready, guys???? Make some noise! :D

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