Getting To Know Newbies #1

19 May 2013

Libera newbies 2013
I don't know about you guys but I honestly can't keep up with the recent newbies in Libera. While I was still learning to get to know them, then another group of newbies came into sight, then another one, and then I lost track. So, I decided to write this post up to help myself (and perhaps you) to get back on the track. But no need to rush. We will take it slow. Learn them one by one. That is why I made this into two parts. Hope it will help. 

The ones I consider as newbies here are the 'new' boys who weren't on Spring Tour 2012 and came after that. I will not include ten newbies from Guildford Concert since there's no picture of them yet. We have 8 newbies (9 actually, but Misha Lievin's gone after his debut concert) on the list from Summer Tour 2012 to Spring Tour 2013. Shall we begin?
Bertie Smart Libera
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Berty Smart - He is Alfie Smart's younger brother. He first appeared in Libera's St.George concert 2011. Since then he performs regularly in every concert, only missed Spring Tour 2012 in Asia. Probably he was too young for going on tour at the time.
Anthony Blake Libera
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Anthony Blake - I don't know why I always mistook him for Berty and vice versa. Maybe it's their hairstyle? Anthony's debut concert is Arundel concert in 2012. I heard from others that he always smiles while singing on the stage. Love smiley boys! ;)
Sam Wiggin Libera
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Sam Wiggin - Like Anthony, Sam also made his first appearance at Arundel concert in May 2012. He got his very first solo at the recent concert in Guildford. And he did a pretty good job on Ave Verum. Way to go, Sam!
Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti Libera
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Alessandro Mackinnon-Botti - Among four of them, Alessandro is quite new. He just joined Libera last Autumn. Northern Ireland Tour in 2012 is Alessandro's first tour and also his first concert with Libera. Eh, he's kinda cute, btw! :)

Okay, that's all for now. We have Berty, Anthony, Sam, and Alessandro. How are you doing so far? Take your time. You can back anytime you want and learn them again. The second part will be up soon in the next few days. So, stay tuned! :)

[Update] Find the second part HERE.


  1. Doesn't matter they are newbies or old ones, They're still my lovely boys... Love them all and will catch them very soon in the future tour. Will be patiently wait for the part 2 Yun :)

    1. Yes, I too hope will meet them soon. :) Love to get to know them more. :D Thanks, kak.

  2. I hope that you'll have more pictures of josh Madine. He's my most liked Libera Member... Thank you in advance ^_^

    1. Hello Kiare,
      Josh is already retired as a Libera boy. Though, he's still helping them out as their staff now.
      If you go through my older post, you'll find some pictures of him. But for now I'll focus on the current members instead.
      Thanks for your understanding.