More Pictures From Guildford Concert

13 May 2013

My friend James saw Libera concert in Guildford. He sent me some pictures from the concert. Enjoy! :)
Well, hello there my favourite mini-and-not-so-mini-people!
The boys marching down to the cathedral.
Newbies! Cuuute!
Libera newbies 2013
Another group of newbies!
Josh Madine on keyboard
Josh the keyboardist :)
Libera concert in guildford
Look at those three lads on the right. Hahaha.
I want to see more of newbies. Don't you?
Michael UR, Ben, Alessandro, Tom, Jude, Cassius, and Anthony B.
The whole group on stage.
Jude, Cassius, newbie, Marc, newbie, Matthew J, newbie, Eoghan, newbie, and Kavana.
Libera boys 2013
Libera, Josh, Mr.Prizeman, and the string quartet.
Waving goodbye.

He also uploaded a video on Youtube. Check it out. Thank you, James! :)


  1. Awesome pics! Who is James btw? I'd love to have the originals. lol. Thanks, Yuni and James! :D

    1. Hi Hannah, glad you liked the pics. James is the James Philip on Youtube. Well, you might know it already by now. Hehe.

  2. Miss Josh so much and so proud of him of becoming one of the staff. glad to know that he will never leave Libera.
    and the newbies, love to see them very soon :)

    1. Yeah, always glad to know that some former boys stay to help Libera out. :)

      Me too. Can't wait to hear more from those new boys. :D

  3. thanks for the picuters it was nice i am so gald to see libera picuters there wonderful

    1. Hello! You're welcome. I'm happy to share. :)

  4. I am so happy to see these pics!!! Thank you so much. You made my day!