Fox 9 News Interview

29 Jul 2011

There are four boys from Libera interviewed for Fox 9 News Buzz. I'm glad Josh was one of the boys who had interviewed. Oh lovely smile. The interview was quite fun and interesting like usual. Well done, boys. Thank you Jimmy Riddle for recording it.

The boys interviewed by Jason Matheson. I’m really happy that in fact people at the Starkey Gala were actually enjoyed Libera’s performing, even Libera is the most favorite one in the 5 hours show.
During the interview they talked about how they get in Libera, the favorite experience, their family’s opinion and support, and their music inspiration. All the boys answered all of the questions so well and very entertaining. 
 Kavana, Ralph, Cassius, Josh, and Jason.
Josh- He’s just still gorgeous and adorable. I didn’t see a big difference, except his deeper voice and got taller day by day. But overall he’s still the same. He still has the lovely smile on his face. I always loves the way he smile while he’s talking or singing.  
Cassius- He is the funniest one during this interview.  He seemed bit shy to answer the question, but it made him looks cute.  I can’t try to not laughing when the announcer asked him about his family’s reaction and his music inspiration. He made all of them in the studio cracking up. Oh, I like this kid. 
Ralph- He’s such a kind-hearted boy. I like the way he talked about his inspiration, Matt Bellamy. I saw the shining sparkles on his face. That’s so sweet. 
Kavana- First of all I’d like to say how I love Kavana’s haircut. Really cute on him. LOL. Seems Kavana got taller than before. Wow, boy, you grown up. 

Anyway, good luck for your concert tonight. I wish everything will be done well. Keep going on doing a fantastic work, boys!

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