Free Preview Christmas Album

29 Jul 2011

EMI give us another exciting gift again. So, you can get free preview from Libera Christmas Album. The song is Joy to the World. 
Now you just should go to this site, then sign up and enter your details. The song will be sent to your e-mail. Then enjoy a great voice from Ralph and the rest of the boys in the song.  The harmony and balance. Everything is beautiful. Very impressive and amazing. Seems Christmas this year will not be the same for me.
Wow, thank you EMI. Thank you Libera for this. At least this will make the international fans very happy. Since they can't  enter the giveaway contest. Ah, you guys are so kind. Totally AWESOME! Looking forward to this album. It will be releasing on November 1st this year.

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  1. Such adorable pictures!!! The song's really great, too :)

  2. Hey Kiara. Good to see you here. :)

    Yes, yes, I agreed with you. They looks very cute and angelic at the same time in both pictures.

    The song is amazing too. They brought it with their own style. Make it so special.