Minnesota Concert

28 Jul 2011

OH MY JOSH!! I was like "Am I dreaming?". Josh Madine was there. He is BACK! More surprising he's still got the SOLO part. Awesome job, Josh. I'm very very happy. You know VERY HAPPY. LOL. 

We have 6 newbies on this tour, they are Thomas Delgado-Little, Ben Fairman, Isaac London, Matthew Madine, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, and Orlando Woschoiski. Okay, I know some of them are familiar with us, but they are still new being on the tour. Welcome guys! Sadly, there was no Jonathan, Stefan, and Mini James. Beside Stefan who has an opera event, did you have another activity in London, guys? Well, I miss you already. 

There are 28 boys on this tour - Henry Barrington, Tiarnan Branson, Jude Collins, Luke Collins, Kavana Crossley, Jakob De Menezes-Wood, Thomas Delgado-Little, Dylan Duffy, Ben Fairman, Daniel Fontannaz, Freddie Ingles, Matthew Jansen, Alex Leggett, Sam Leggett (Welcome back, boy!!), Barney Lindsell, Isaac London, Joshua Madine, Matthew Madine, Eoghan McCarthy, Cassius O'Connell-White, Benedict Philipp, Matthew Rangel-Alvares, Michael Ustynovych-Repa, Carlos Rodriguez Villegas, Ralph Skan and Orlando Woscholski.There should be Liam and Sammy at the concert, but people didn't spot tem last night eventhough they are on the list. Why? 

Credit to fan_de_LoK
The program for the concert. 

1. JUBILATE - Started by 5 singers: Ralph, Alex, Jakob, Barney and Carlos singing. Then chained with..

2. LIBERA - Solos by Eoghan and Luke. Ralph did the high parts at the end. 

*Speech - Barney and Cassius. 

3. SONG OF LIFE - Ralph sang the solo part accompany with Daniel and Kavana.

4. SANCTISSIMA - Solo by Ralph.

5. SANCTUS - Jakob sang the high parts and Luke sang the "Saaanctus" at the end.

*Speech - Kavana and Cassius.

6. ALWAYS WITH YOU - Freddie sang solo and Jakob sang the high part. 

7. ETERNAL LIGHT - This the best part ever. The solo sang by JOSH MADINE with his deep voice. And according to people, he was just SPLENDID as usual. Bring the emotion to the song. Auuuw, I wish I was there God. Oh yeah, then Ralph accompanied him. JOSH, YOU'RE THE BEST!

8. SALVA - Matthew R-A sang the high parts.

*Speech - Barney.

9. LAMENTIONE - Daniel, Jakob, Carlos, Ralph, Matthew J., Matthew R-A, Dylan, Eoghan, Barney and Freddie sang facing Mr. Prizeman.

10. EXULTATE - Solo by Freddie, Eoghan, Ralph and another boy.



12. MYSTERIUM - Ralph and Luke were sung solo part! Then chained with... 


*Speech - Cassius and Freddie.

14. THE FOUNTAIN - Solo by Ralph. 


16. STAY WITH ME - Daniel sang the solo and Matthew R-A did great work on the high parts.

*Speech - Sam.

17. AVE VERUM - Carlos did the solo with Jakob harmonizing.

18. LOVE AND MERCY - Cassius duet with Freddie.

19. GLORY TO THEE - Eoghan sang the solo at the beginning. Josh (again) sang on the last "Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." YAY Joah! :))

*Speech - Jude and Ben Fairman.

20. HOW SHALL I SING THAT MAJESTY? - Eoghan, Jakob, Ben and Jude sang the solo parts.

*Encore - EXULTATE

There is no meet and greet like the Canada Tour. The conclusion is they did an AWESOME work at Basilica of St. Mary. Everything is magnificent. Congratulation, Libera and crew. Keep fighting for another concerts. I know you'll do the best as always. I love you Libera.

The most important thing for me is our lovely Josh was there. LOL. This made me my day. Such a wonderful day. 

Source: Mini Angels, French Forum, and Libera Dreams. Thanks for a great review :)

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