Moody Morning Worship

1 Aug 2011

Libera sing for Sunday worship service at Moody Church. Luckily, this church usually airs their service live and online at their website, so that everyone can access it. Thank you Jimmy Riddle for recording and posting these amazing videos on Youtube. At least, it makes me very happy watching them singing for this service, eventhough I can't see them sing live at the concert. Wow, they sound in live almost like studio version. What a fantastic work.

Wow, this song is AMAZING indeed. Even it becoming more amazing when the boys sing it live. The harmony is so perfect and beautiful. The high-notes make me goosebumps. Well, did anyone here notice that Ben's hair looks very blond in all these video? Who's with me? Please, raise your hand.

I always loves this song. Because it is such a beat song and make me wanna jump and dance. What a pity, they didn't dance in this song. Of course they can't dance since that is for Sunday service at the church. LOL, silly me. The solo part sung by Daniel and Ralph. They both were great. The best part is at the end of song when someone hit the really high note. I'm like: This is for real? That was so high. You're superb boys. 

Eoghan, your voice is beautiful, boy. I love how they combine the lower part and the higher very good together. My favorite part definitely is the canon part. All the boys sounded so wonderful in that part. You know in the song they have several groups. Each group sings in waves. That’s why it called canon. And I just noticed that when the last group was singing, I heard Josh’s voice. Oh, then I watched the video again so I can see who are in the last group. There were Josh and Sammy as far I see, at 1:48 they started to sing. Then at 2:10 you can clearly saw in the video Josh along with Sammy sang the Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost part. Wow, Josh’s voice is so deep now.

This time Jakob and Eoghan (again) sang the solo parts. Again, I got goosebumps when they were singing together. So heavenly, it feels like the angels sing it with us on earth. I just noticed one thing in this video. At the end of the song, only the left group do the hands choreography: open and sway their arms, while the rest not doing that. I think they (the right group) didn’t realize that only they in the group do that choreography. Hahaha, so funny but cute. They’re mostly newbies, so that’s really okay to me.

1. The St.Louis concert was sold-out. Great news. :) I think they got many new fans because this church service.
2. Out of topic, did you remember about Venus in Eros which some of the boys took part in it? According to YukiBol, a fan from Japan, the film will be released next spring in Japan. That is exciting news. Oh yeah, the trailer will be out soon. Check out Yuki's blog for more details. I hope we all could watch this movie. YAY!!!


  1. Yuni!!! Josh is still jpin LIBERA!! I'm glad to hear that.

  2. Yeah, Hiromi.
    I'm really glad too because he is there. He is in Libera. YAY!!! Thank God.