Privacy, please!

9 Sep 2011

Just in case if you’re a newbie in Libera’s world, or perhaps you never knew about this before. Or you knew already but forgot it. So, let me tell you once again. Mind it? I hope you don’t. Ready?

For Libera's sake, PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THE LIBERA BOYS AT FACEBOOK OR ANOTHER PRIVATE ACCOUNT, such an email account and stuff like that. The contact word here means any kind of action to get in touch with the boys. Why? Because they lived in London, United Kingdom. So what? For your info, in England they have a strict law for children’s protection. Children are not allowed to add people in the web world that they don’t know in REAL life. You can google it to find the answer and prove it yourselves. 

In addition, the boys won’t approve your request somehow. Please do not try so hard, guys. Libera boys are regularly reminded about internet safety and they know not to make friends with people they do not already know for real. It’s for safety. Yeah, although they are not but I know to you and I, they are our superstars. For sure there will always be a stalker or 2 or many of them outside there. How can I say they are not superstar? Because unlike the other stars, outside Libera’s world our boys have a NORMAL life just like us. Goes to school, hang out with friends, and the same ordinary stuff we do in our daily lives. Their life is nowhere near the superstar's life which is full of exposure and no privacy. So, leave our boys alone. Just imagine if you're in their position being followed/stalked by stranger. Creepy, right?

For making you sure about this (who knows maybe among you, there’s someone whose a thought that I’m just talking about rubbish here) so I copied-pasted a note made by Libera themselves about the privacy thingies. 

We really appreciate the support of our fans, particularly those here on Facebook. However we do feel it is only fair to let supporters know not to expect a reply if they contact individual boys through Facebook. This is because children in England are encouraged not to have Facebook friends they don't already know in the real world. We hope fans will respect the boys' privacy and not add them as Facebook friends. - Libera (

It’s just a REMINDER to all of you including me. Please let them live their own lives without being scared because of the stalkers. Let them FREE (because they are libera = free. Ignore this nonsense! Lol). I hope you can see the point. We all - Libera and fans - want the same thing: everybody is happy with make no one feels uncomfortable or something. So, just enjoy their beautiful music, amazing voices, and angelic faces from this corner.

p.s: Hmm...okay, I think I'll make a confession. To be frank, I’ve ever did this prohibited thing before when I was a fresh fan (weird phrase, eh? haha) 3 or 4 years back: I’ve tried to add them at facebook too. OH MY JOSH!! Unbelievable, I DID it, people. But, since Libera gave the statement above then I realized that it’s NOT cool anymore to bother their life through facebook etc. Then I deleted all Libera boys (current and former member) who are already approved my request from my friend list. I'm really sorry about that. No regrets at all because that’s a good choice I’ve ever done in my life as a Libera fan. I’m 100% sure that there are another ways to show our love to them, maybe like this? Thank God, you showed me the right way at the time, I was back alive and became a nice-but-insane fan until now. So, do you want to follow my track too? :D  

p.p.s: In my opinion, twitter is not the same. It doesn't show privacy and everything. The boys can choose who to follow, when to reply, or what to tweet without much exposure. And really, there isn't much thing you can show off with 140 characters only. Also the boys know how to handle it better. Besides, there are many eyes watching them from the Official Libera's side. But, we still have to control ourselves so we can avoid invading to their privacy. Respect is all you need. Cheers!


  1. I imagine that if any of the current/former boys are on FB, their FB names are well-disguised. However, some of the boys are on Twitter and do not hide the fact that they are or were with Libera; to follow them is surely NOT stalking them or invading their privacy. Ben P is on YouTube and certainly does not disguise himself, albeit he almost never replies to comments on his channel.

  2. Well, I'm okay if we're talking about twitter or youtube or myspace, because those are kinda more 'open' to all people. But facebook, msn, yahoo account is surely such a private thing. Unfortunately, in fact there are some fans who always trying to find and contact the boys through those private account. That's the matter I'm trying to point out. :)