Stefan in Vienna

15 Sep 2011

Julia Storm (Flora) and Stefan Leadbeater (Miles)
The picture above is taken from here. Thank you Fan_De_LoK. :)

Everyone here already knew that Stefan Leadbeater had been chosen to perform solos in Vienna for opera show: The Turn of the Screw. Here is my previous post about it. Ah, what a talented boy. He must be a super busy boy. LOL. This opera show will be performed on 14-27 September. Our friend Yuki from Japan was flying to Viena to see it. She had a chance to talking with Stefan. Wow, lucky on Yuki! Stefan will be performed on 19 and 24 September. He has a role as Miles. For further information, you can read it at Yuki's blog. She will report it live from Vienna. Oh yeah, one thing: Stefan will go to Philippines on October too! YAY! Glad to know it. Happy for Filipino fans :)

Wow, soooo elegant. This is a picture from the program. Thank you Yuki

UPDATE: Yuki posted her story about this trip. She also uploaded some pictures there. Well, she had a SUPER AWESOME time with Stefan and others. See the post here. According to Yuki, Stefan was AWESOME in all aspects. His singing was very beautiful, flawless if we can say that. The acting was super natural and very "wow". Ah, congratulations Stefan! We are very proud of you .

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