A Never Seen Video??

17 Sep 2011

Well, it's just came to my mind after read Yuki's blog. I've been thinking of these photos below. I know you all have already seen those before. Libera has uploaded it like a year ago. But, all this time I wonder what those picture made for. Because it's not the place they visit for tour, concert, TV show, and stuff like that. It's not just an usual photo shoot. In my opinion it's more like a behind-the-scenes snapshot. Do you agree with me? I guess actually there is a video that we've never seen before.Why I can say that? Well, I don't know. But, there are some signs that lead us to the never seen video I'm talking about. What? 

Maybe you've heard about their new album WINTER SONGS. For those who don't know it, click here. This album will be including DVD: Song of Life and Eternal Light. The last one I mentioned has a really short clip. I'm talking about Eternal Light SoP version (watch here). I don't think Libera will put that video for the bonus in their album. So, there must be a full version video. There are two possibility. First, the video is the same video for SoP but full version. Or there is another new video. But, we know Libera doesn't say anything about video filming for now. And...back to the photos, I think it related to the only-God-knows video. FYI this picture was taken around September, and I believe the song recording could be around that time because on November we've been able to enjoy it. So, I think perhaps the pictures was taken when they filmed a video. And I think it's for Eternal Light. Really??? 

Now let's take look at the two pictures here more carefully.

Firstly, you guys knew Stefan was the soloist for Eternal Light. In the picture above we can see all those boys with Stefan was standing as the center, plus an unknown woman behind them. Okay, let's forget about her. That is a singing formation. If this is just a normal photo shoot like they always do, I think they will not use this formation. So, can you see it? Yeahh...

Secondly, this looks more like a filming activities than photoshooting. Okay I don't know more about the filming or photoshooting. Because I've never been into a real photoshoot or video filming before. But if they did the photoshoot, they would uploaded it to their page as usual. However in fact we've never seen another pictures since last year. WHY? Just answer it to yourself.

This is just a guess. It could be wrong. But, no one knows it could be right. Like usual, let's wait and see until the time has come. Yeah only time will answer it. But, that would be really wonderful if Libera put something new for DVD  in their Japan album instead of the old stuff. Seriously, I know the fans want some fresh thing from Libera. Right, guys? Oh yeah, anyway, don't forget to purchase your Libera 'The Christmas Album' or Winter Songs. For pre-order click this for international version and this for Japan version.

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