Libera's Christmas Contest

21 Oct 2011

Libera have a Christmas contest for all of fans. You can win lots of prize from signed posters to the white robe. WOW. Robe?? This is sooo cool. Can't imagine before they will give their robe to us. YAY! I'm so excited. For more information visit The site isn't working yet. Be patient. I too can't wait to find out more about this contest. Watch out, guys. :)

The site is up now.

TO ENTER TO WIN, please enter your first name (for the holiday video greeting) email and at least three of your friends' emails to whom you want to send info about Libera and the Christmas contest (this is purely for this contest - we'll never spam or keep the emails you enter in here). For every additional set of three emails, you will receive one extra entry, increasing your chances to win! The maximum number of entrees one person can have is five.

- 25 Posters signed by Libera
- 5 Libera hoodies signed by the group
- 1 Official Libera Robe

How disappointing is this contest only for USA residence. Really? It breaks my heart. Oh, EMI why can't you make the contest for wide world? So, everyone from all countries can enter it. Why?? :( Well, good luck for all USA fans. :)

EMI posted the video about this contest. We have Kavana, Cassius, Michael and Nano Ben. They are so adorable. I just can't stop smiling when I watched this video. Ah, their accent is just soooo cute. :)

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