Inspired By Libera

10 Mar 2012

Libera is so inspiring. There are many talented and creative fans outside there using Libera as their inspiration to create an awesome work. That is a positive way to express your love and support as fan to your idol. I put a few fan-made stuffs on this post. Hopefully you'll be inspired by this post. Yeah, check them out, guys.

Fan cover

 Ave Maria - cover by Hiddendeer. Check more videos out here.

I really like this cover song. She got a really beautiful voice. Very well made. Hey ya girl, you rock! Please keep up the good work. You're so talented.

Fan cover by Chase. Visit his channel for more videos.

Chase is quite well-known among Libera fans. He always makes cover of Libera's song, and put it on his Youtube channel. He's really good at singing. If only he could join Libera. In my opinion, he's perfect for Libera. Just saying :)

Fun Video

Created by Wake Seven. Check this out for more awesome stuff.

What can I say? This is an EPIC video. It wakes something up in me while watching it. How brilliant this video is. Wake Seven is indeed an artist. He made lots of great stuff. Don't forget to visit his channel on Youtube.

Drew by Kuruko
Credits to Ms.Fuuji Takashi and Wake Seven a.k.a Symphonica7

Designed by Rebecca. Picture source: her blog.

I ABSOLUTELY will make this one too. Perhaps not a jumper. T-shirt is what come into my mind. Oneday if I really made it, I will wear it for Libera's concert. Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

Mine :)

Made by Korea fans. Picture courtesy of Inna.

Aren't they just soooo cute? Can I take them all with me, please? FYI, they all were handmade by Korea fans. guys are so awesome. That's I called a dedication. They gave these bears to Libera boys when they had tour in Korea (2010).

p.s.: That's it. Are you guys inspired by these fantastic works? Have something came into your brilliant head? Can't wait to see your great Libera works. Please sharing with us some day.

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