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11 Mar 2012

Ah as you may knew that Singapore fan base was collecting messages from fans all over the world to the Libera boys. For those who may forgot or never knew what I'm talking about, to recall your mind, you can read my post here. Today they just shared the link of a brief teaser from this project. You can see a few pictures/ videos of fans in it. And...most of them are (teen) girls. Oh well. Haha. Uhmmm, okay, that is a great job, Singapore guys! Hopefully Libera boys would be happy and excited to see it. :)
We are proud to present to you a teaser of the Singapore fan project! The full video will not be released as some fans have requested for privacy. If you do not see your message/video here, do not be disappointed just yet. Rest assured, your message/video will be included in the full video, and the Libera boys will get to see it! Libera (Singapore) is just one of the supporters of this project, and we duly acknowledge the efforts of all other like-minded contributors, without whom, this project would not have been possible. - Libera (Singapore)
I am not sure whether to post the video here or not to post because they put it on unlist video on their Youtube channel. So, if you want to see the video you can go straight to their facebook page or youtube channel. Enjoy, guys! 

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