Glad To Be Back

14 Jun 2012

Hiya, guys! It's been awhile since my last post. And I'm glad to be back here with a good news. Patrick just tweeted and informed us that Libera's CD album : Angel Voices 2012 has topped Top Classical Album Chart in Billboard Japan. As we can see, they jumped from 10th place to 1st place. Awesome! Hooray!

We know Libera has a huge market in Japan. No wonder if this thing happens. Japan loves Libera. But, it leaves a big-giant-fat question: Was there an announcement about something related to Libera?, as Patrick said in his tweet. Yeah, I'm wondering about it too. I think there must be something will happen in no time. That's why Libera is back to the top place. In addition, Kavana has tweeted on 7th June that he just finished a filming for a show in Japan. We don't know yet which one it is. But, sure it must be something related to Libera. Don't you agree?
Perhaps for now we can only wait and see, as usual, until Libera or EMI Japan announces it or some fan in Japan finds and reveals it with us. Whatever it is, I really look forward. Could it be a new song? New music video? Keep all your question to yourself. Time will answer it for you. Hehe.

Anyway, I changed the design of my blog. Not finished yet, still need a little make-over here and there. What do you think? Hate it OR love it? Do you like the colours?


  1. Hey! Welcome back ;) I like the new design, really! The color is very beautiful - my favorite, to be honest. But tell you a secret - I love ALL of your designs ;)

  2. Hey, Mickey! Long time no see. Hehehe.

    Thank you very much. Yeah, I think it's my favorite too. Because the color is my favorite color.

    Hahaha, thanks again! :)