Summer Tour Announcement

21 Jun 2012

See? I told you. Libera is full of surprises. This time they chose to spend Summer in the Channel Islands. They will be performing on 1st and 2nd August in Jersey and 7th and 8th August in Guernsey. More details coming soon. Actually I'm not familiar with this place. So I googled it and looked at Google, wow...those places are really beautiful with beaches and everything.


Well, I'm so sorry for American fans who are expecting Libera will come back to US this Summer. There's always next time, right? We should 'share' Libera fairly. So, congratulations for European fans who will be going to their concerts. It's time for you guys to witness the magical of Libera's music. Happy and excited for you. Although, they only come to this small island, not to the main continent. I'm wondering how they picked this place.'s Libera we're talking about. Always full of mysteries. Hahaha. Don't forget to always check out Libera's website for news and updates. So, who's going?

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