Spring Tour Pictures And BBC Interview

9 May 2013

Libera posted some great pictures of their recent visit in Taiwan and Korea on their Gallery. We can clearly see that the boys had tons of fun for sure. :) I love tour pictures. They are always fun! Here are some of my faves.
Libera in concert 
Cool lighting. Cool formation. Cool song.
Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey
A very cute close-up of Ciaran.
Libera boys in Taiwan
They look so bright in this pic. Is it just me or does the wind effect make them look so cute?
AHAHA. That is all I can say.
Libera boys in the concert  Another awesome shot of Libera boys on stage. The mini boys look....soo mini!
Interesting picture of the gang of da big boys. Yes, they are the oldest now!
Libera in Seoul 
  I call it a model-like pose. ;)
Libera boys wearing Korean traditional clothes
 Seriously I love these boys. Very funny kids! And hey Carlos, you picked out the cutest outfit!
The Spring Tour 2013 is almost over. There is only one concert left, Guildford. And I believe it would be the most fantastic concert of all with 41 boys. Yes, you read it right. It's like the biggest group that they've ever brought to the stage. Ever. For all of you the concert-goers, you all are very very lucky. Yes, I'll admit, I'm SO jealous. But, here is my truly genuine "Enjoy!". Despite my jealousy, I'm very happy for you guys and very excited for what surprise they'll bring "us" this time. :)

Ok, I almost forgot to post the thing I actually wanted to share. That's what jealousy did to you. Haha. Here is a very nice interview of Michael, Ben, and Mr.Prizeman with BBC Surrey. Make sure to check it out.

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