(Libera) Loves

3 May 2013

I love Libera. I love the celestial sound of their music. I love the angelic voices that (unbelievably) come from those little tiny bodies. I love hearing them producing beautiful harmonies together. I admire their confidences when they sing. I love them because they simply do what they love and love what they do for love (read: hobby). 

I love Josh Madine for many reasons that I can’t even decide where to start first. Uhm…his sweet, dreamy voice? Yes, definitely! Also the way he sings, bringing out emotion in me and tears and smiles.....:') I love the sweet and loving heart Ralph Skan got. Not to mention the tenderness in his singing voice! I love Michael Horncastle and his "Far Away" that brought me to meet and love Libera. Thank you! I love Robert Prizeman. After all, he’s the mastermind of all the magic and the wonder. (Tell me if you can't help but sing that last part.) 

I love the fact that underneath their sacred-white robes, they're just as ordinary as the kids next door. God, I thought they were angels! I love watching videos of them playing around like ordinary kids. Eeek they ARE ordinary kids, Yuni! You just told it yourself! Lol. I love Kavana's brilliant public speaking ability. And his head shaking while singing. Entertaining! Hey, did I tell you that I love Josh Madine? Watch this video and you'll find out another reason why I love him. 

I love the combination of Libera and rain. I love playing "Sancte" softly at nights and sleeping with it. Oh! "Going Home" by Michael H is also my favourite lullaby. I really love Anthony Chadney's part in "Voca Me". I adore his voice so much. I love the bouncy, jolly feeling I get while listening to "In Dulci Jubilo". I could listen to it forever and ever. And never get bored. Seriously. 

I love doing an imaginary tap dance to "Exsultate"! The beat is perfect to do so. Haha. I love picturing sunburst every time the part of “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaanctus” plays - because I'm weird like that. 

I love sharing Libera. I love the moment when I show Libera to my friends and they agree with me that this is the most beautiful sound they’ve ever heard. Scooore! I love finding people who share this mutual Libera-love with me. Let me tell you again, I love…really love people who love Libera as much as I do or even more. You rock! I love reading people's first Libera-discovery, first concert experience, or something like this one

I love the exiciting feeling when Libera announces their tour or new album or video or anything. I love dreaming Libera is coming to my country. As much as I enjoy listening to their digital tracks, I love seeing their live performing. They are fantastic! I love that my “Finally I met them” moment turned out so amazingly wonderful. Ugh, need to meet them again! Like, SOON! 

Last but not least, I really love writing this kind of post and sharing it with you guys, my Libera friends.

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  1. Hi Yuni,

    Reading your blog has been one of my favourite hobbies since I found yours :) Back home in Vietnam, my friends and even my family “complained” me about talking too much about Libera :( I just feel that now I have found someone to share the same passion for these wonderful angelic voices. I don’t know how to express my feelings but I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your lovely posts and for sharing them to the world :)

    With regards,

    1. Hello Trang,

      You know, reading a message like this always puts a smile on my face. :) And I thank you for that. It's really nice to see you here. I know it's always hard to find our real-life friends that share same love for Libera. Since, you know, the fact that Libera isn't that popular. But, thank goodness that Internet saves us some little corner to express our mutual enthusiasm. And here we are. :)

      Thank you for sharing your little story. As I said above, I always love to meet Libera fans and hear all their stories. AND also huge thanks for visiting this blog. It means the world to me. :) Wow, I talk too much. I hope I'm not boring you.


  2. To me, your talk is always interesting so dont worry that it's gonna make me boring. That's not gonna happen in any way :)

    I understand that Libera is not so popular as their music just can move a certain number of people, unlike Pop. But they are the most beautiful group of the world to me :) You know what, I have found myself, my feelings in most of your posts about Libera, about Josh, about their songs,etc. :D It seems that "crazy" fans of Libera all share the same feelings for them but thank God that we have a wonderful you that can bring them into emotional words and create this beautiful blog :)

    I'm on the rush of finishing my MA thesis and hand in it in the middle of August so basically I can't talk much now,but I am thinking of writing you email(s) to share our mutual "love", of course if you don't mind :)


    1. Hahaha...Thanks! :D

      I'm with you on "the most beautiful group of the world" part. There's nothing/no one that sounds like them. I mean, there are thousands singers out there who sing beautifully but nothing close to Libera.

      Oh please just email me whenever you want. I don't mind at all. Then I guess we'll catch up later. :) Anyway good luck with your thesis! :)